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Evolutional Rechargeable LED Warning Light
Evolutional Rechargeable LED Warning Light
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Evolutional Rechargeable LED Warning Light

Product Description

1.    16 LEDs and 360o visibility, with over 1 mile visible distance
2.    Design: Water proof, Crush resistant and floating
3.    Power: Lithium ion battery/With AC charger and Car charger
4.    9 Most useful function: ROTATE, double blink, single blink, alternative, SOS (Morse code), solid-on (low), solid-on (high), 2 LED flashlight and 4 LED flashlight
5.    Powerful magnet, contain the ability to stick on top of cars, iron-made material
6.    To switch ON/OFF: With one button to control functions. Single press to switch ON or pattern switch / Long press for turn off
7.    Shape: The sharp round shell shape

Fire is used as caution and help signal. But in modern society, fire is no long be to an effective tool, for it will reflect on safety problem and not responsible under extreme environment. Instead, the new LED Warning Flare is innovated for the replacement of Fire. LED Warning Flare contains so many advantages, that even we can not tell each by each. It is originally designed for both home and professional use, including Police station, Fire station, EMTs, as well as Outdoor enthusiasts and Drivers, the LED Warning Flare has large demand in numerous aspects.

Flash patterns:
The 9 in 1 LED Warning Flare contains 9 of the most commonly used and most useful patterns. The pattern is up to 90 hours of flash, which means almost 4 days use without changing any battery. The 9 of the patterns are: ROTATE, double blink, single blink, alternative, SOS (Morse code), solid-on (low), solid-on (high), 2 LED flashlight and 4 LED flashlight.
More Detail visit: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntCC3gHjz7U>

Power Solution:
The 9 in 1 LED Warning Flare contain a high-capacity Lithium ion battery. The Lithium ion battery offers Warning Flare a super long life time, which is up to 90 hour responsible. The high-capacity Lithium ion battery is also the insurance of safety. It contains the protection of overcharging and overusing, which could prevent from overcharging caused disaster and extend battery life.

AC/DC charger:
Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz; Output: 5.8V DC, 600mA
Charging time: fully charged within 4hours.

Shell Design:
The 9 in 1 LED Warning Flare, is designed to be a much attractive shell. Round shape shell also contributes to a 360o degree visible design, which is the very basic function of a warning light. No matter what angle to see, we will guarantee to maintain further than 1 mile visible distance.

Construction Design:
The 9 in 1 LED Warning Flare is also in a super stable and strong construction. In order to sustain in tough environment condition, we put huge effort on the shell construction design. First of all, the shell is designed as crush resistance. It shall even sustain from trucks grinding. Not only sustain from grinding, but also the flare could sustain from high drop and heavy crush. Secondly, the Flare is responsible for water proof, which is on the stand of IPX6. In our performance test, the flare can stay under half meter water for over 3 days. Moreover, the flare is also floating design.

Additional Function:
The 9 in 1 LED Warning Flare also contain a super strong magnet on its back. The magnet provides flare a much broad use. Stick on cars and trucks becomes feasible. By using our Road Cones Set, Flare can be easily fastened on to the road cones. For any placement, flare could be easily removed without any trail.

Trade Term:
1.Price is based on FOB Ningbo, China or Shanghai, China
3.Payment : 30% Deposit by T/T +Balance 70% by T/T against B/L Copy
4.Delivery time:20 to 30 days after receiving deposit

Packing Issues:
We provide several kinds of packing, which based on customers' requirement.
1.    Simple White box
2.    Color box, designed by customers

3.    Blister Packing, designed by customers