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Safety LED Traffic Flare
Safety LED Traffic Flare
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The Safety LED Traffic Flare is a great alternative to ordinary toxic traffic flares. The super bright LED lights have 9 changeable patterns. These units are water tight and strong enough to be run over by a truck. The unit contains a magnetic base so it can also be used on the sides and top of vehicles.

The battery will last for over 100 hours of operation.
You can also choose our rechargeable unit, which allows you to recharge your LED Flares from your vehicle or you can recharge it from your station or office.
The outer shell is made from a durable polymer for long lasting use.
Units are water tight
Available in Red, Amber, Blue and now Red/Blue
Batteries have a 10 year shelf life
Compact Storage

Recommended by: Law Enforcement Fire/Rescue EMS Tow Trucks Dept of Public Works Motorists Utility Companies

These Supreme LED flares are available in a rechargeable unit.  6 of the same super bright LED flares in a compact case.  It includes both 12 volt vehicle plug in and 110 volt plug in charges.