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LED Powered Safety Flares
LED Powered Safety Flares
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The Emergency LED Powered Safety Flares is especially designed for police, firefighters and rescue first responders to assist them during their work. This unique technology is now available to consumers and essential to keep in your automobile and to take along on your next boating, biking or hiking trip.

This compact light emits 360° of ultra-bright light from an array of 16 LEDs, visible up to 10 miles away. The safety flare light is very durable, water proof and can resist extreme temperatures. LED Powered Safety Flares has 9 flash patterns; including U.S. Coast Guard approved SOS-Morse code.    It runs up to 100 hours on the replaceable CR-123A non rechargeable battery. The unit can be mounted to metal object using attached magnet or hung using eyelet or by simply placing on ground.

Flash Pattern - continuous run times
Rotate: 15 hours
Quad-Blink: 15 hours
Slow-Blink: 100 hours
Alternate: 10 hours
SOS: 24 hours
Solid-On Low: 60 hours
Solid-On High: 8 hours
Flashlight (2 LED): 30 hours
Flashlight (4 LED): 15 hours

How to use the LED Powered Safety Flares

ON: press the switch button (located on non-magnetic side)
OFF: press and hold switch button for two seconds. The safety flare unit will recognize the last flash mode used when powering the unit back on.

Flash Patterns: To navigate through various modes, simply press switch button briefly.
Battery replacement: Remove two screws to access battery compartment. Remove battery cover to remove and replace battery. Note positive + and negative - diagram when inserting new battery.

Size: 4.25" (12cm) diameter x 1.25quot; (3.5cm) tall
Weight: 6.85 oz (with battery)
Battery: 1 x 603048 900mA Lithium battery
Shelf-Life: 10 years
Source: 360 degree LED array: solid-state; no filament
Shock, vibration, and water-proof
Buoyancy Positive (Floats)
Operating Temps: Fahrenheit: -40 to 212 degrees